Hoop Earrings

Styling Hoop Earrings

There is almost an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to styling your hoop earrings. These earrings are making a comeback because they are a diverse selection to choose from and create effortless styling.

Oversized Hoop Earrings: When you choose oversized hoop earrings, it allows you to make them your statement piece. If you rock your favorite red lipstick, you get a dramatic yet cool hipster look. With this look, keep all your other gold jewelry delicate and simple so the outfit doesn’t become tacky and distracting. If you have well-polished oversized hoop earrings, you can also accessorize with a headwrap to create a boho look. Some are skeptical of big and oversized hoop earrings but they can be appropriate for many different kinds of occasions due to their sleekness.

Geometric Hoop Earrings: Basic designed jewelry has been fashionable and trendy for some time but if you want something more discreet than try geometrically shaped earrings to give you a more elegant and modern vibe. Medium-sized hoop earrings can give you a clean, sophisticated look and can be worn on a daily basis with any of your outfits. They can also be styled for going out outfits.

Tiny Hoop Earrings: With tiny gold jewelry hoop earrings, you can easily accessorize your look. You may not want your jewelry to make a statement and instead want your outfit to do the talking. With tinier hoops, you can style them for any occasion. Classic hoops are also great for more professional settings and are suitable for a night out since they won't draw a lot of attention. Smaller earrings are stylish and a timeless piece that won’t go out of style.

Hoop Drop Earrings: Hoop drop earrings are trendier so you should wear these with a simpler outfit. Team up the earrings with an off-the-shoulder top or dress to accentuate your neckline.

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