Women's Jewelry

Taking Care of Women's Jewelry

No matter what type of women's jewelry you own, including charm bracelets, there are some rules to live by when taking care of it.

Keep It Away from Wood and Sunlight: Avoid leaving your jewelry and charm bracelets on a chemically treated surface or wood, which can speed up the tarnishing process. You also want to avoid sunlight since gemstones can become dull when exposed to too much light.

Store Silver with Chalk: If you have silver jewelry then chalk absorbs the moisture that could harm it. You can also invest in some silica packs or dehumidifiers if you think chalk is too dusty. Keep your gold jewelry away from your silver jewelry. Gold jewelry scratches easily so you want to keep these pieces in an individual soft cloth bag or the original box.

Keep It Away from Your Skincare Routine: Don’t wear your jewelry when you are applying perfume, hairspray, or lotion. You also don’t want to wear any women’s jewelry when you are swimming or when you enter a sauna.

Clean Carefully: When you are done wearing it, you want to give your jewelry a wipe using an anti-tarnish cloth before you store it. This can make sure any moisture, dust, and oils are gone. You may have heard about using toothpaste as a home remedy to clean jewelry. This will damage your jewelry in the long run. Instead, use dish soap and warm water. Then rinse in cool water and buff with a cloth until the pieces are dry. For porous stones such as pearls, you want to use a small makeup brush dipped in shampoo and water to clean.

Put Pieces on Rotation: Most women’s jewelry isn’t meant to be worn all day long. Give some of your pieces a break so you can showcase all your other pieces you have.